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Childcare Volunteers

Charis Classical Academy is hosting its annual Art Gallery and Bard Cafe March 23rd. We are in need of a few more childcare volunteers and I was hoping a couple of you might want to help out!  We need volunteers there by 5:45 and you will need to have a background check completed. (These are supplied by Charis) This night features our school kids performing poetry and song, as well as displaying their artwork.  You would help supervise during the performance (making sure young ones stay quiet) and then take them back to the designated room after.  There will be a movie and snacks and then the evening ends at nine and parents will come pick up their children.  

Please contact Tiffany Betz at tiffany@redvillagechurch.com or 920 427 5772 for any quesitons or if you would like to help. Thanks!

Helping RVC with your social media

Hey guys,

A couple of days back I posted on the RVC Facebook and Instagram a graphic (attached) that communicates some info on the building purchase.   I was hoping you might share that post on your Facebook page just to help get the word out!  So far over 2000 people have seen that post because a few folks have already shared it!  



Family/Community Game Night at Eagle Heights

RVC Family,

On Friday evening, February 9, from 6:00-8:00, we will be hosting a Family/Community Game Night at the Community Center in Eagle Heights.  We would love to have as many RVC'ers as possible there to serve and love the community.  The community center has a large selection of board games, but please bring your favorite game(s) to play with community members.  There will also be Valentine's Day crafts and balloon creations for kids. 

Tim and Melissa Jansky

Tortured For Christ movie

Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian pastor who spent I believe 14 years in prison.  Like Paul his body bore the marks of his time there.  When released, he came to America where he eventually started Voice of the Martyrs, an organization dedicated to serving the persecuted church.  A movie has been made of his life and will be showing at a theater in Sun Prairie on March 5th at 7:30 p.m.  It will only show, though, if 21 more tickets are purchased.  Go to TorturedforChrist.com for more information.  Scroll down until you find the Sun Prairie listing, and you can order tickets right there.  You will also get a free copy of Richard Wurmbrand's book.


Super Bowl Party

Hi Friends,

The Phillips family is hosting a Super Bowl Party, February 4th at 5:30pm.  Pizza is provided and you can bring soda, drinks or treats.  It is always a great time of connecting and reaching out to internationals, that will also be in attendance.  Kids are welcome too.  Our address is 5113 Arrowhead Drive, Monona.  If you have questions call Kevin at 312-972-1466.



Kevin Phillips 

Red Village Church
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